Tavs Food Co-op

We recognise the growing need for affordable, good healthy food and that the pandemic has exacerbated this need. We feel that the Tavs Centre is in a great position to be able to help facilitate a food cooperative. A full coop model will take time to develop, however, we believe the principles of a cooperative are important:  

 A food cooperative is a member-led initiative where members work together to find a more sustainable solution to their financial struggles to keep themselves fed by purchasing food and other items at a reduced price. Members decide together what to buy, how to run the coop and all contribute a fee to the purchase of the items.

We believe this is a sustainable model that the Tavs Centre can use to help tackle food poverty with dignity, alongside helping to reduce surplus food waste. We feel that this would be a way for Tavs users to have a workable and affordable solution, that they can help manage therefore increasing self-esteem, purpose, and dignity.

How it works

Become a member on your first visit by completing a membership form. 

Members contribute £3 and receive approximately £15 of food (ranging from fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy products, and meats).

Members can visit to choose their food once a week, either

Tuesdays 12:00 – 13:30


Thursdays 17:30 – 19:00


TAVS Centre
Tavistock Street
CF24 3BE

For more information:

07474 661834
[email protected]